We started out as a local shop to San Antonio, TX. We are skater owned and operated. We are heavily involved in the Texas Race scene and have had great reputation since 2012. If you are having trouble with the checkout page remember to type in the state you live in then Press Enter.

We promote safety at all our races and always recommend that you wear your protective gear when you are pushing your limits.

Address: 6565 Babcock Rd. Suite #2, San Antonio, TX, 78249
Sunday – Thursday 11-7pm
Friday & Saturday 11-9pm
Phone: 210-332-5675



  1. Winston Shaw
    18427 vincennes street, unit 17
    Northridge, California 91325

    Hello! My name is Winston, please send me a handful of free stickers to the address above to promote your company. Me and my buddies love your brand. Thank you!

    winston shaw January 3, 2017 Reply
    1. We usually do that for orders. If you want stickers you have to send us a letter with postage stamp in it also.
      Here is how it works:

      Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will take care of the rest. Keep in mind that “stamped” means that the return postage for when we send it back to you is paid for and adhered to the return envelope addressed to you.

      Here is our address:

      Insanity Boardshop
      6565 Babcock Rd. Suite #2
      San Antonio, TX, 78249

      insanitybs January 3, 2017 Reply
  2. hi!

    i would like to know if you can ship overseas, to spain, so i could purchase from you a comet archetype


    leandro June 28, 2017 Reply
    1. only if you want to pay shipping

      insanitybs July 7, 2017 Reply
  3. Hi,
    I’m planning to order some 90a tall barrel riot bushings, and I just want to make sure they are
    definitely in stock before I pull the trigger. I know most if not all shops are sold/selling out of riot and most likely not restocking, and some may show in stock in error. I just want to avoid the time consuming refund process if I order something that says in stock and it turns out to be sold out after all.

    Liam September 10, 2017 Reply
    1. hey Liam, I have 3 sets of 90a Talls for Riot!!! so don’t worry we got it!!

      insanitybs September 10, 2017 Reply
  4. Im planning in getting a skateboard but i dont know anything about. I just want a board set up that has speed and can do tricks

    Tris September 14, 2017 Reply
    1. Hey Tris,
      Yeah I would recommend the Pantheon Gaia. The new 2017 edition one is badass!

      insanitybs September 14, 2017 Reply
  5. Hello,

    I have recently developed an interest in Skateboarding, but I have no experience with riding them. As a result I have 2 questions.

    1) if I go to your store would I be able to test the boards before I buy them to see how they feel to ride

    2) if I buy one of your boards and find later that I would prefer a different type of board, can I return the board?

    Chris lapwing November 1, 2017 Reply
    1. Hi Chris,

      You can test ride the boards in the shop. We have some that you can ride outside but not many. We have 100+ boards in stock too.

      If you buy one and decide you don’t like it and want to return it later, it must be still new and within 30 days.


      insanitybs November 1, 2017 Reply
  6. Wow thanks for the quick response. In regards to the new requirement, does that just mean no damage or does that mean no usage whatsoever?

    Chris lapwing November 1, 2017 Reply
    1. no usage whatsoever because it wouldn’t be technically new anymore. Once wheels get dirty no going back and same with other things.

      insanitybs November 1, 2017 Reply

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