Length: 37″
Width: 9.50″
Micro Drop: 1/2″
Wheelbase: 25.5-28.5″
Construction: 8ply Maple
Concave: Mild, 5/8″ radial
Flex: Low
Purpose: Downhill and Freeride

The Shadow aims to suit freeriding with a versatile single kick, gentle ½” (1.3cm) micro-drop and flat standing platform. Designed with style in mind, this board comes with our embedded fiberglass to add strength, pop, and reduce weight. The length provides optimal clearance when commuting, but all the maneuverability needed for quick thinking.

New mold designs offer a fresh take on curves, redefining where tri-plane and radial meet. The concave sports a comfortable 5/8″ (1.6cm) radial-tri-plane concave throughout the standing platform, allowing optimal curve and leverage. The flairs bring the platform together, for added leverage and clearance. The kick also sports concave, keeping you more connected with the overall feel.