• Length: 35.6″
  • Width: 9.45″
  • Wheelbase: 23.6-24.8″
  • Construction: SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet
  • Concave: 0.47-.63” /
  • Flex: Low
  • Rocker: .59″
  • Purpose: Freeride and Downhill

The Roton is a modern single kick freeride board. It was developed together with our team rider Brian Scott Adkins. Thanks to the deep rocker and the wheelwell flares it gives you a great hold for stand up slides. The 3D kick begs for some tricks and manuals.

The former double kick board got redesigned for 2019. The new single kick shape and a shorter wheel base make it an outstanding freeride board.