Length: 38″
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 26-29″
Construction: 8 ply Maple and 1 ply Carbon
Concave: Elliptical Concave with “W” bumps, .375″ drops, Wheel flares and Platform Rocker
Flex: Low
Purpose: Freeride and Downhill

The Rake is a board that screams technicality! This deck is filled with concave features that make it perfect for slaying downhill runs, no matter how fast or technical. The concave is an elliptical arc, mixed with “W” bumps right in the foot pockets. The bumps are there to help with arch support, provide extra grip during predrifts, and create reference points for your feet. The deck also has .375″ drops at either end, which transition into wheel well flares. The drop helps to keep the deck lower to the ground, which adds stability, and the flares provide additional reference points and wheel clearance. Lastly, platform rocker was added to further lock-in the rider’s feet, making this deck extremely secure and comfortable. This deck is our pinnacle of downhill design and function, so if you’re in the market to go fast, this is the deck for you!